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Bringing the outdoors indoors with its range of affordable Hay Steamers.

Do not get caught out this winter knee deep in cold water soaking hay for your horse, when you can steam it with one of our tried and tested hay steamer systems.

Microbiological testing results independently carried out show steaming your hay with the Happy Horse Hay Steamers system can remove potentially harmful dust, moulds and yeasts. For more details click here

Happy Horse Products is an established company who has been treating hay for horses for over 10 years. We have a system that has a proven track record for the steaming treatment of hay.

A great number of horses suffer from respiratory conditions that is a direct result of the hay they are feeding on. Stored hay contains dust and fungal spores that can cause irritation and inflammation, that can lead to COPD, airway and digestive conditions.

Happy Horse Hay Steamers

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